How to Burn ISO Files in Windows 10

Do you know that you can burn ISO files in Windows 10 without using any third party software? If your answer is No, then we recommend you to check out this tutorial. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to do that.

At the time of Windows XP and Windows Vista, you need to use third party software to burn ISO files, but in Windows 7 company introduced its own ISO burner application named as Windows Disc Image Burner. All you will require is an empty CD/DVD disc and ISO image or ISO file which you want to burn.

A very less number of Windows users are aware of this thing that you can use Windows native ISO burner software to burn regular data or ISO images. So if you’re wondering to burn ISO files to a DVD? Check out how it can be done in Windows 10:

Keep in mind: If you’re using any file compression application like Winrar or 7-zip, then chances are it might take over the file association for ISOs. To use this feature, you need to set it to Windows Explorer. For that, you need to launch the Settings app ->System -> Default Apps -> Choose default apps by file type. From the list of file type locate the .iso and change it to Windows Explorer

Burn ISO Files in Windows 10

The process of burning ISO image in Windows 10 is similar to Windows 7. You will find options to burn an ISO image in the context menu or in Ribbon. For burning ISO file:

1. First, you need to pop in a blank DVD or CD disc in a drive

2. Make right click on the ISO Image and from the context menu select “Burn Disc Image

burn disc image

3. A new window will appear in which you will see an option labeled as Disc Burner. Click on the dropdown which is on the right side and select the drive with blank DVD or CD.

select the disc drive

Tip: You must check the box with option “Verify disc after burning“. This will assure that there is no flaw on the DVD or CD through the burning process

4. Once burning process is completed, the drive will automatically eject the completed disc.

That’s it.

Alternatively, you can also burn ISO images in Windows 10 using Command Prompt and if you’re interested in this method, then keep reading.

Burn ISO Files using Command Prompt

Windows 10 comes with a hidden tool named as isoburn that helps in burning ISO image right from the Command Prompt. This method also follows the same procedure as mentioned in method one. You can find this tool at this location:


You have to use the following usage syntax to burn ISO files using this utility:

ISOBURN.EXE [/Q] [<drive letter>:] <path_to_iso_file>

Follow the steps below to successfully burn an ISO file in Windows 10:

1. Launch the Command prompt

2. After that, type the following command and hit enter:


In above command:

  • /Q argument will start the burning process
  • F: is the location of the DVD or CD Drive
  • C: \Sample.ISO is the location where iso file is stored.

burn iso using command prompt

So make sure to change the above information according to your computer.

3. Next steps are same as mentioned in Method One.

That’s it!

So these are two simple and easy to use method using which you can burn ISO images or files in Windows 10. The good thing about these two methods is that you’re not using any third party software. Why don’t you try these methods and let us know, if you have any query?

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