Bretonnia faction is arriving as free DLC to Total War: Warhammer

The faction of Bretonnia is arriving for Total War: Warhammer, fully playable for the first time in the grand campaign. The DLC adds more than 20 new units for players to use along with three Legendary Lords for the faction.

Previously, players were able to use Bretonnia as a faction but only in Total War: Warhammer’s custom battles, and even then, only as a minor faction with an extremely small army roster, lacking any unique mechanics or any Legendary Lords to call their own.


Playing Bretonnia effectively revolves around the number of chivalrous actions that players have performed during their run with the faction. More chivalry is achievable by winning heroic victories and completing quest chains, which in turn granting them powerful bonuses.

However, low chivalry has the opposite effect, sprouting rebellions across lands and reducing the player’s control and army leadership. Moreover, the Legendary Hero – Green Knight – that appears in the Cinematic trailer is only available for players with high chivalry.

But be mindful when using him, as Bretonnia players only get a small amount of Green Knight uses per campaign. Keeping him as a last resort in losing battles may be the best option for players, considering his immense power.

Now for the gameplay style of Bretonnia that we assume many Total War fans are waiting to know more about. Essentially, Bretonnia a faction that heavily focuses on their Cavalry, unlike the game’s other human faction – The Empire.

These range from highly powerful flying Pegasus Knights to the Grail Knights, veteran warriors that a goddess herself have blessed. As a counterbalance to the powerful cavalry of Bretonnia, their infantry units are extremely weak in comparison.

All in all, the infantry is the player’s tool to distract opponents until the Bretonnian Cavalry arrives at the fight.


The new Bretonnia DLC pack will become available to all owners of Total War: Warhammer on February 28 th for free. Additionally, anyone inside the Total War Access program will receive the pack a day earlier than anyone else. For anyone interested, they may sign up for the program – here.

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