Borderlands 2 and Layers of Fear now free on Xbox Games with Gold program

The Games with Gold program is back with two new free games for the month of March. Borderlands 2 and Layers of Fear are the new games that are now free to all Xbox Live Gold members.

The previous month’s free games for the program – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – are no longer part of the promotion, meaning that they are already back to their original prices on the Xbox Store for anyone that didn’t manage to claim them in time.

Borderlands 2

One of the most popular cooperative FPSRPGs ever to come out is now free on the Games with Gold program. Borderlands 2 managed to improve on its original game in almost every way possible, leading to critical acclaim.

Up to four players can band together to become Vault Hunters of the highly dangerous planet – Pandora. The story revolves around defeating the Hyperion Corporation’s hilariously evil leader – Handsome Jack – that has taken over the entire planet.

Moreover, players get to meet plenty of familiar faces from the original Borderlands game to help in their exciting endeavors. Namely, the unforgettable Claptrap that players may grow to love or hate and even player characters from the previous game.

Borderlands 2 entered Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility Program just last week. Thanks to this, both Xbox 360 and Xbox One players can claim the game for free this month.

Layers of Fear

Psychological horror game fans wouldn’t want to miss this deal as Layers of Fear fits that standard quite well. This first person horror title has players take the role of a painter trying to finish his masterpiece painting.

Taking place in a spooky mansion, there’s plenty of exploring and puzzles to solve to help uncover the painter’s dark past. However, just be ready for plenty of jump scares and other spookiness when playing this game.

Layers of Fear is now free to claim for all Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold subscription.


Although there were some fears from Xbox owners if Microsoft’s newly announced Xbox Game Pass subscription service meant the end of their Games with Gold program, MIcrosoft’s Mike Ybarra was quick to clarify on Twitter that both services will exist alongside each other.

Lastly, note that the promotion ends on March 15th for Borderlands 2 and March 31st for Layers of Fear. Therefore giving way to two new games that will take their place on the free games slot of the Microsoft program.

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