Blizzard is bringing Diablo 3 Seasons to Xbox One next year

Blizzard hosted its annual BlizzCon in Los Angeles this year, and made quite a few announcements – some might even be significant for humanity; on Day 2, Blizzard announced that Diablo 3 Seasons are coming to the Xbox One.

Diablo 3 Seasons

If you are not aware of what Diablo 3 Seasons are – they are Diablo 3’s version of Diablo 2 Ladders; essentially, a leaderboard with a set amount of time for players to compete for. It’s called ‘seasons’ because it resets every once in a while.

During an active ‘season,’ players can create new characters and choose to make them ‘Seasonal Heroes’ for the duration of that season – only allowing them to compete with other Season Characters of that season.

The idea is to bring everyone – including the experienced players – on to a level playing field. Stats for these Seasonal Heroes is reset at the start of every season – points, gold, items, artisan levels and everything else in between.

It’s a start from the bottom, and there’s a leaderboard to compete for.

Those who do end up being successful in a ‘season,’ are rewarded with new pets, cosmetic items, etc. as well as a chance to earn a full six-piece class set if they achieve certain goals.

Players on the PC and Mac have enjoyed Seasons for a while now, bringing this feature to the consoles has been long overdue.

Seasons for the Xbox One and PS4 will be arriving sometime next year, along with Season Journey and all of its rewards and cosmetics. You can read more about the Diablo 3 announcements at Blizzard’s official blog post – some of the updates might be very useful for experienced players.

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