Bing will let you save your searches so you can view them later, on PC or mobile

Bing is receiving an exciting update – the ability to save search results so that you can look them up later, on any of your devices. Microsoft isn’t the first one to think of something like this – but this might be the simplest implementation of it, yet.

The video above pretty much explains everything that the feature has to offer; you can search for anything – be it recipes or products for shopping – and tap on the favorite button to save individual results.

Once it is saved, you can visit the and access all of the collected items. Although Microsoft has given plenty of examples to use this feature, here’s a silly one from us: GIFs.

There’s plenty of times – during a chat – you would want to react with a GIF. Trouble comes in finding the GIF you want – it’s too slow; if you have the GIF saved as a result, however, you just need to visit the page and copy the link.

It’s a silly use-case, but it could be useful for some. The feature works with all types of results as well – images, shopping, or the general web.

Microsoft Edge has a similar feature, allowing users to save a reading list across Windows 10 devices – but that’s the problem, as it is only available on Windows 10 devices.

Bing has the potential to reach a wider audience, as it is available not only on Windows but other platforms as well – including Android.


While the feature has started rolling out to users in most markets – the Bing team does mention that this feature might not be available in all markets yet. Hopefully, the rollout will gain some pace soon enough.

You can read more about Bing’s announcement on the official blog.

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