Bing on Android now lets you search by image

After recently updating the Bing app on Android with features like 360 Search and music search, the Bing team isn’t taking a rest; an update for the Android app released today adds an incredibly useful feature – search by image.

Bing for Android update

Once you have the latest update, you can take a picture with your phone’s camera – or pick a photo from your phone’s gallery – and search the web for similar images.

That doesn’t sound unique – it isn’t, Bing offers this feature on the web already, and Google has offered it for years – but it can be incredibly useful to have something like this easily accessible on the mobile.

Here’s an interesting use case: you have an exotic fruit in front of you that can’t help but look alien – just take a photo, and search the web by that image. That’s just one example of how this feature could be useful in the real world, but there’s plenty more to do with it.

The update also brings a brand-new browser view with improved performance and a simpler design, providing a more seamless experience while switching from Bing results to the web pages.

The Bing team has been working hard on adding features to their various products in the past week – the web has received an update too, with the ability to save search results for later.

You can read more about the big update of last week over here, where the Bing team added a 360 Search, the ability to search for music playing nearby along with top charts, and events search.

This update is still rolling out – if you haven’t received it yet, all you can do is wait patiently. The Bing app is available via the Google Play Store if you don’t already have it installed and would like to check it out.

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