Bing now has a dashboard to help you track your DMCA copyright claims

Bing has launched a new dashboard to help users track and provide historical statistics for DMCA notices submitted by them.

Bing's DMCA Dashboard

Bing provides an interesting analogy to introduce this feature – divorce. In Microsoft’s words:

“Lack of communication is a leading cause of divorce. Communication is vital, and sharing the status of a copyright infringement notice is no exception. Which is why Bing just made this easier.”

We are not sure how accurate this analogy is, but it will do. The new dashboard is available right now. The interface is simple – it shows you statistics for the DMCA notices you have submitted, along with the status of every single DMCA notice in a neat table.

The dashboard also features a new form to submit DMCA notices.

Google already offers a dashboard with similar features (minus the stats), so Bing made us wait rather long for a similar offering.

The issue of format

Right now there are three ways to submit a DMCA notice to Bing – via email, via a form, or via an API for select users. The new dashboard is only available to those who use the form or the API – and there’s a reason for that.

Email is inefficient; users often make mistakes in their DMCA notices when sent via an email. The new dashboard and the form would help ensure that the DMCA notices user submit validly.

Bing Program Manager, Chad Foster explains:

“Email is the least efficient and prone to error such as missing or incomplete information. When submitters leverage the online form or the API, they decrease the chance of rejection due to incomplete or incorrect information,”

In the end, it is a tool to help Bing manage DMCA notices in an efficient way while providing some additional statistics and historical data to the users.

It ‘d be good if companies worked on fixing the flaws that the DMCA system has, but that is a much more complicated issue.

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