Best tools to recover deleted files in Windows 10 – Ultimate List!

Accidents happen and you might have accidentally deleted those important documents, or those pictures, or even that movie you downloaded but did not watch. Or was it your school homework, a 50 page long report? Well, things like these happen when you are working on a Computer. But thankfully, recovering these files is easy as well. You actually have a lot of software that allow you to recover files even after they have been deleted.

In this post, I am going to mention some of the best tools and software you can use in order to recover deleted files on Windows 10. These tools will be able to help you in recovering all kinds of documents, videos, pictures etc. But before I get to the software list, let me tell you how these software actually recovers the deleted stuff.

How can a tool recover deleted files?

The files are stored on a hard disk which is a permanent storage device. These storage devices have sectors which are taken up by data when you put them there. So, as soon as you put up new data on the storage, the empty sectors are filled up.

If you delete something, the data still remains on the sector, unless someone replaces that invisible data with new data. The new data will then replace the invisible data on the sectors.

This is why you should use these tools that I am going to mention as soon as your data is deleted because later if the sector is replaced by new data, it will be really hard/impossible to recover your data back.

Best tools to recover deleted files on Windows 10

Getting straight to the point now, here are some of the best software you can use to recover your data.


Recuva is one of the most famous and most used data recovery tools for Windows and it has a really easy to use interface that one can use to recover their files. You have all sorts of option with Recuva like performing scans based on the type of the file and you can also perform a deep scan of your drive to try recovering the data.

It uses the color coding system to show the condition of the deleted file and after seeing the color, you can easily see if the file is recoverable or not. Green means you can recover it easily, yellow means some part is lost and red indicates that the deleted stuff is in bad shape.

Undelete Plus

This tool used to be a paid tool that people had to pay to use but recently it started being as a freeware.

This tool can recover data from file systems like NTFS and even FAT. You can see how damaged, the files you are trying to extract are and what the possibility of recovering them is. You can check files on the basis of types etc. This tool works fairly well.


This small 406 KB tool can do wonders when it comes to recovering deleted files. You can install this on any version of Windows you want and it works with file systems like NTFS, FAT and FAT32. You can search for files by names and you can sort then on the basis of the file name and size as well. It is great to see how well this program works even though it just weighs 406 KB.


If you are one of those geeky people who only feel at home when they see a command line interface, then this software is just for you.

This tool can recover deleted files in no time and not only that, it has some really great features like fixing boot records, fixing MBR etc.


Personally I find Recuva the best among the ones I have mentioned. Not only is it functional, but it also provides a great simple interface that one can use in order to recover deleted files. Functionality wise, I find TestDisk the best but novices would have a hard time using it. Do let us know if you were able to recover the deleted files in Windows 10 using these tools.

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