10 Best Reasons Why Windows 10 is Better than Mac

So Windows 10 has been rolled out for the use of the public, and it has been quite some time since. As promised, it does pack the best features of both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and eliminates all the shortcomings of the two OS and emerges out to be a winner. However, the newly launched Windows 10 has also triggered the ever debated topic of which is better? Windows 10 or Mac! We will discuss certain points to prove to you why Windows 10 is way better than Mac.

Long before Steve Jobs even saw the light of the world, Spanish philosopher George Santayana had stated “Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear, the better.” And it holds true in the case of Mac. Ranging from overpriced devices with undervalued hardware, here’s why Windows 10 is better than Mac.

1. Freeware

If you are thinking to edit an image or simply want to use any conversion tool, you can easily download one for Windows 10 but in case of Mac there is a limited availability. At the same time, most of the tools are paid on App store. So, if you buy a Mac be ready to spend more money as you will end up buying even applications that are available for free on Windows. 

2. Price for Flashy Design

Like all good things, the flashy looks of Mac too, come for a hefty price. But! Let us all face the truth! You use a device for performance and definitely not appearance. For the price of each flashy yet having poor hardware containing Mac, you can customize your very own mean machine with Windows 10.

3. Decent Games

Even a Mac owner won’t deny on this point. Windows 10 has some of the edgiest games that are present while Mac offers its user with a bunch of somewhat crappy games to deal and play with.


4. Easy to Use Mouse

Yes! Mac is meant to be easy for people to use, but that simply doesn’t justify a single button on a mouse. Even a pet mouse could easily handle two mouse buttons, let alone humans. Yes, the software can be altered to use a normal mouse but that doesn’t give them a clean slate.

5. Cortana

Yaay! Cortana has become my new best friend. This highly intelligent voice response system present in Windows 10 is cloud-based and hence runs independently on your device and slowly learn all your preferences and settings and reminders and just like any good old secretary, maintains a notebook with your tasks and reminders. Beat that Siri!


6. Apps

Mac does have some cool apps that come with some seriously useful updates. But are they revolutionizing the whole system? Not really! On the other hand, Windows 10 has taken a huge leap to abolish the diction between mobiles and desktop and has produced the surface tablet that can be used either as a tablet or a desktop.


7. Better Browser

Although Safari has been around for a long time, it is still in need of certain improvements, especially on the memory front. However, Edge browser that has been introduced in Windows 10 in place of Internet Explorer is becoming quite popular and is soon going to have the assistance of Cortana to make things even easier for the users.


8. Graphics and Gaming Experience

Mac may have introduced Metal in it, but still is no match for the experience and graphics provided by Windows 10. Come on, Mac people, accept it! With the Xbox gaining the rights to be streaming games on any Windows 10 devices, even you are wishing for it so as to be your gaming partner.


9. Little Changes

Windows 10 has the start menu back in the game. This has eased and satiated the wants of many Windows 10 users. Windows 10 developers have gone beyond their means to change these little things so that their customers are rendered happy. However, Mac has no such game-changing updates to back it up. The added features of Apple are merely a new icing on top of an already pre-baked cake with no surprise for us.


10. Security

Mac users available in the market are naturally less in number than those using Windows 10 which invariably makes Mac a less coveted target of attacks of malware or virus. Being the main aim, Windows 10 has introduced a number of systems which enhances the security and prevents your Windows 10 device from the various problems which are likely to occur.

These are probably some of the best reasons which prove why Windows 10 is way better than Mac. I am sure there are many other reasons support this argument and prove Windows 10 to be better. You can now proudly claim to be Windows 10 users.

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