The Best PC cases for a Gaming Computer

Gaming PCs are much more popular than gaming consoles and they are all the rage in today’s time. Gone are the days when building a powerful PC was a big and difficult task. As the cycle of technological process revolves, the advancements become clear and we all can enjoy the perks as a consumer at more affordable prices. Building a good gaming PC in 2016 is a very easy thing to do.

I am sure as a kid you must have built Lego figures and that is exactly what building a PC feels like. First of all, you get all the parts you want to put in i.e. a processor, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, cooler, cabinets and what not and then you carefully set them up together to build a PC according to your requirements.

One of the most fascinating things about building a PC is the research that we all put into the components we choose. Our goal is to get the best stuff in our budget like best gaming mouse, best gaming keyboard etc. Personally, I found it hard to choose a PC case when I was building my own gaming PC. Even though I ended up getting a great PC Case, I soon found out that market was flooded with better options and hence I am writing this post about the best PC cases for a gaming computer.

Corsair 600C

This is one of the best gaming PC cases that Corsair has ever released. Not only is this case feature rich, but it also comes with some great functionalities like an integrated fan controller and USB 3.x support. You can install your SSDs or HDD without any tools and the size is good enough to provide amazing cooling. The noise levels with this case stay at the minimum level and that is one more advantage of this case. Add the design to the whole mixture and you get an amazing and one of the best PC case.


The NZXT H440 is one of the best looking PC cases you are going to find for your gaming PC. The simple and modern tower looks of this PC case is a fresh wind of air in this crowded market and you can get it in color combinations like white-black, red-black, blue-black, white, black. This case comes with some enthusiast grade features like a support for liquid coolers, all steel top and front, great cable management slots and shrouds with SSD brackets.

Cooler Master – Master Case Pro 5

If you are looking for a case that you can mod and change as per your wish, then this is the case you want to get. Cooler Master is known for manufacturing their Master Case series of cases which not only look great and provide functionality that is best in class but also provide amazing modding space to modders. You get components that you can swap in the original case and you can buy aftermarket stuff to make sure your case stays your own.

Corsair 400C

The Corsaid 400C is like a smaller sibling to the Corsair 600C that we mentioned above. This is also a great PC case for your gaming PC you are building. You can check how good the case looks with that amazing side window. Functionality and feature wise, this case is great as it provides great cable management features along with USB 3.x support. The 2.5inch SSD mounting brackets are also hidden to make sure the PC cabinet looks clean through the Window.

Phanteks Eclipse P400

This case was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 or CES 2016 and it provided a whole new set of options to a person looking to buy a good PC case. The design is amazing and it comes with built-in RGB LED functionality which will help you in setting up lights for your PC to make it look cooler & better from the rest. When it comes to the functionality, this case has USB 3.0 functionality, fan controller and LED control. The cable management options in this case are great and the overall features are good for a PC case.


This was a post about some of the best pc cases you can get for your gaming PC in 2016. These are specifically chosen for a gamer who is looking for a case that is not only in a budget price, but also doesn’t skimp of any features. Which PC case are you going to buy? If you are still  confused which case to buy, leave a comment below and we will help you in selecting the best pc case according to your budget.

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