7 Best Note Taking Apps for Windows 10

How many times has it occurred that a thought has escaped your mind when you really need it and you’ve thought “I wish I wrote it down”? Well, you no longer need to worry about forgetting things anymore. With the modern note taking apps you can now organize your thoughts in a manner so that you no longer need to worry about them slipping your mind. Be it the creation of a shopping list or vital information about something you are creating, there is an app which will suit your needs perfectly. Here is the list of 7 Best Note Taking Apps for Windows 10. These apps are also available for windows 8.

1. OneNote

OneNote is possibly one of the best note taking apps that are available for the Windows 10 in the present days. Taking over a decade to be ready and joining the Microsoft Office Suite, this app is one of the easiest and most efficient notes taking app present, which can be used over a wide range of devices and is well calibrated.


2. Notepad Classic

Although it is created by a third party, still Notepad Classic extends all the facilities that a Microsoft app would, when used on the Windows 10 device. The best thing about Notepad Classic is the fact that it is super easy to use and also allows you to add a time stamp on the notes you have organized with its help.


3. Simplenote

On the lookout for a note app which is free and packed with features? Try out Simplenote, you will love it! The huge developers team, which backs up this app makes sure that it is damn easy to use and hence allows you to tag your items.

4. Code Writer

Code Writer has been created, heavily relying on the idea of Notepad, but it doesn’t follow the popular app blindly. The team of developers has taken bold steps to make Code Writer a much improved version of the Notepad which means that you will get much more facilities and ease of use when taking notes with Code Writer.


5. Poe

Looking for a note taking app that will create absolutely no distractions while you are at work? Have you tried Poe? Not yet? Poe is a must try for people who are on a lookout for a note taking app that will help you to take notes in a completely hassle free manner, yet allow you to use the outstanding features which will ease the job of organizing these notes into specific categories. It helps you reach the epitome of productivity.


6. Sticky Notes 8

Various kinds of notes have various kinds of requirements for keeping track of. There are some notes which can be kept organized with the help of stickons only. Such notes are best organized with the help of Sticky Notes 8 on your preferred Windows 10 device. Sticky Notes 8 is as simple as it can get, however, this simplicity causes it to compromise with features and you only have the skeleton of a note taking app when you use it.

7. Evernote Touch

Thanks to the cross platform compatibility that Evernote Touch offers, it is one of the most used as well as preferred note taking apps that you will get in the current world. What makes Evernote Touch stand out in the crowd of note taking app is the web application feeling that it provides to its users along with the features it offers them.


These are the best Windows 10 note taking apps which you can use on your device to keep all your notes in an organized manner. These apps have truly revolutionized the process of keeping the notes so that you can access them just when you need them. The ease with which these apps can be used is remarkable and further makes the process of note keeping a hassle free experience.

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