Battlefield 1 is getting a Community Test Environment for PC

DICE has announced the return of their Community Test Environment (CTE), this time coming for their latest title, Battlefield 1. The system basically lets players have early access to upcoming updates to the main game for balance checks and bug testing. It’s like the Insiders program, but for a game.

The most recent Battlefield games, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline also used CTEs extensively before most of their game updates.

The system has been particularly useful for Battlefield 4, considering the less than optimal state it was in at launch. In the end, Battlefield 4 went on to become one of the best shooters of the generation, mainly due to the massive amount of testing and feedback DICE managed to get from the Community Test Environment players.

Although DICE’s later launches went much smoother than Battlefield 4’s, having a CTE is always helpful for any game’s stability.

The Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment

Just as previous games, Battlefield 1’s CTE will host a broad range of experimental updates, balance tweaks and more. However, keep in mind not all the updates that hit the CTE will reach the main version of Battlefield 1.

Unsurprising, considering the tests that DICE will conduct may completely break game modes and introduce new bugs to the game. Also, there’s a history of introducing goofy events that take place in the CTE that will make little sense in the main game.

For now, DICE is using the CTE for testing the upcoming February balance update to Battlefield 1, but we expect the upcoming They Shall Not Pass expansion to arrive for the CTE before its release as well.

Since the CTE is completely separate from the main client, all players will start from scratch at rank 1. However, some servers will give access to all of the game’s weapons and equipment for testing purposes.

Availability of the CTE

DICE is sending the first invites to the CTE for some community members and veteran players of the Battlefield series.

Other players that want access can register for it through the Battlefield Companion app available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile, but, keep in mind that a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is mandatory for entrance to the CTE. Considering CTE players will receive early access to upcoming expansions, it is an understandable requirement for the system.

Lastly, while the CTE is currently available only for the PC platform, DICE do have plans to include Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players into the mix in the future.

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