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Battlefield 1 to get Cinematic Tools so players can direct their own movies

The Battlefield community is massive; one of the biggest requests from the community have been for a ‘battle recorder’ – that is now (somewhat) fulfilled by Cinematic Tools.

Battlefield 1 Argonne Forest

Battlefield has always been a unique game; instead of trapping you in a tiny level with other players, Battlefield has always given players huge maps with tanks, jets, helicopters and everything you would expect on a battlefield.

It is quite obvious, then, when players demand a battle recorder – a tool that lets them make videos out of saved game snapshots.

After all, when you have access to something as detailed as an environment in Battlefield –  you want to build something out of it.

Cinematic Tools are not quite the same; the new mode is integrated into the spectator mode, so you won’t be able to capture your ‘Battlefield moments’ from a game you played earlier.

However, if you plan on doing something crazy – such as recreating the Battlefield 2 trailer – your job should be easier now.

For the Consoles

PC players have had these tools in some form or another – it is a PC after all, so the community developed its own tools that latched onto the game and allowed players to do things not commonly possible – external mods and tools are obviously not possible on a console.

The new Cinematic Tools, however, are official, and therefore coming to all platforms. Players on every platform – including the Xbox One and PS4 – will be able to build a cinematic experience, as long as they are creative.

What the tools offer

While the community has been demanding for a full-fledged director camera with all of the bells and whistles – Cinematic Tools are not that. For now, they will let you take control of a first person, third person or free-movement camera in spectator mode.

You also have on-the-fly control for the camera – you can change the Depth of Field, camera blur, focus distance and more; besides the camera, you also get a bunch of filters such as Sepia, Noir, and one that “mimics the popular art direction from Battlefield 3.”


While DICE has worked hard on making these tools – they won’t be available to players when Battlefield 1 launches on October 21st. The Cinematic Tools will be added to the game via a patch sometime after the launch.

That’s all DICE is saying – “sometime” could be a few weeks or a few months, but we know it’s coming.

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