Battlefield 1 is free to play this weekend on Xbox One and PC

DICE’s latest Battlefield title is gearing up for a free weekend starting on the 3rd of March for the Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One and Origin for PC.

The news arrives alongside DICE’s reveal of the upcoming expansion packs to the popular World War 1 shooter. Detailing the arrival of the French and Russian armies, as well as, 20 new maps to the game.

Obviously, to go with the announcement, DICE is giving a taste of Battlefield 1 to Xbox One and PC players. The availability of the free weekend is different on the two platforms, however, which we will detail below.


Battlefield 1 Free Weekend

Xbox One

Beginning at 9 AM PST on the 3rd of March, Xbox One players will gain full access to Battlefield 1. When we mean full access, that actually means the entire game, that is available to players without any restrictions.

Giving players entry to Battlefield 1’s singleplayer War Stories campaign and all available multiplayer modes and maps. The free event is ending on March 5th at 11:59 PST, so try to make every day count.

The only requirement that players need to get access is an active Xbox Live Gold membership.


As for the PC players on EA’s Origin platform, the free event is much less open than the Xbox One’s. First off, the trial is only playable for 10 hours, which players can choose to spend either on the first two War Stories missions or on the five multiplayer maps that are available.

However, unlike the Xbox One’s free weekend, once someone downloads the trial through Origin during the weekend, the 10 hours of playtime is playable anytime they want, which is a great option for players that may not have the time to play this particular¬†weekend.


As always, all the progress from the event will carry over for players that purchase the game. Moreover, EA is having a Publisher Sale on Origin, featuring discounts up to 60% off on available Battlefield 1 versions.

DICE’s guarantee of providing support to Battlefield 1 in the future marks this it’s a great time to jump in. Battlefield 1 is available to purchase on the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 platforms.

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