Battlefield 1 companion app now available for Windows 10 Mobile

Battlefield 1 is probably the most-hyped release this year from EA; along with the game, EA is also releasing a companion app for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile – simultaneously, which is nice.

EA and DICE worked on some serious innovation with Battlelog for Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline, but that technology has been decommissioned because browsers are abandoning support for NPAPI extensions.

Battlefield Companion

EA is going back to the old school way of doing things – an in-game menu; however, the “Battlefield Companion” is supposed to replace some of the features that Battlelog gave to users.

It’s not as if the Companion is going to have a server browser and let you join games from the web – that’s all gone – but it will let you have access to stats, leaderboards, forums, etc.

You can also make a custom emblem – just like Battlefield 4 – and customize your loadout, without ever launching the game.

It’s a Battlefield Companion

All of the features mentioned above were built for the web – and you can use the website on your phones if you want to – but a native app on a mobile device is a much better experience, and that’s what the apps offer.

Although Battlefield 4 has its own Battlelog system, it is being decommissioned. DICE plans on implementing an in-game menu and server browser for Battlefield 4 – much like Battlefield 1 – but then Battlefield 4 would lose all of the extra functionality and features it gets from the Battlelog.

Which is why this companion app is called “Battlefield Companion” – it is not only compatible with the latest Battlefield 1 but also Battlefield 4.

The companion apps for mobile and the web offer the same functionality that Battlelog did, but now it’s better and more refined and with less security risk.

You can find the Battlefield Companion app on the Windows Store, Google’s Play Store, and Apple’s AppStore or on the Web.

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