Battlefield 1 brings new game mode Blind Delivery for the holidays

It seems not even brutal World War 1 shooters are free from holiday updates. Battlefield 1 is the latest game to add some holiday cheer this winter.

Running the whole week, the update brings players a new custom game mode, vehicle skins, a unique dog tag, and Battlepacks.

The Update

Firstly, the new custom game mode – Blind Delivery. This is an altered version of the War Pigeons mode already in the game but with a twist. As per the name, the minimap is missing, with only handguns and explosives allowed to be used for battle.

Next up, anyone playing Battlefield 1 from December 22nd onward, will get a free dog tag named “Holiday Truce.” For context, this is named after a Christmas truce that took place in World War 1, where British and German troops came together to share gifts and play football.

Meanwhile, on the same day, heavy tanks will be getting two new skins to further jazz up the battlefield. These skins, SchnucK and Desert Gold, will be obtainable by opening the new revised Battlepacks coming with the update.

Lastly, anyone logging into the game from December 23rd to December 29th will get a free Battlepack. In addition to that, Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners will get two Superior Battlepacks on top of the other extras.


The update containing all these goodies will be coming out later today, free for all platforms.

For anyone looking for a deal to jump into Battlefield 1 this holiday; the Xbox One version of the game is up for grabs right now in the Countdown Sale on Xbox Store for $44.99. One thing to keep in mind is that Xbox Live Gold members get a further 10% discounted from the deal.

Battlefield 1 is also available on the Origin Store and PlayStation Store for $59.99, with the Premium Pass being $49.99 in their respective stores.

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