Atari is bringing 100 of its most popular classic titles to the Xbox One

It can be hard to support backwards compatibility on a console – even within the same console family; it usually requires direct support from the publishers to make the games run on the latest generation hardware – Atari has done just that.

Atari Flashback Classics

Atari is releasing 100 of its most popular classic titles on the Xbox One, in two parts. Atari is calling the packs ‘Atari Flashback Classics’ and there’s two volumes – each with 50 of their amazing classics.

While the first volume comes with classics like Swordquest and Star Raiders, the second includes titles like Asteroids, Haunted House, and Major Havoc; every title has been modified to properly scale for the modern 1080p screens that Xbox players are used to.

Atari also worked on adding proper local and online co-op & multiplayer for all the titles that supported it – this is probably the best part about these packs; at this point, it’s more of a remaster.

The Flashback Classics Volume 1 and Volume 2 both cost $20 each and come with 50 titles, you can have a look at all the titles included in both volumes in the list below.

Volume 1

Volume 2

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (2600)

A Game of Concentration (2600)

Air-Sea Battle (2600)

Adventure (2600)

Backgammon (2600)

Asteroids (2600)

Basketball (2600)

Asteroids (Arcade)

Black Widow (Arcade)

Asteroids Deluxe (Arcade)

Blackjack (2600)

Atari Video Cube (2600)

Bowling (2600)

Basic Math (2600)

Canyon Bomber (2600)

Brain Games (2600)

Centipede (2600)

Breakout (2600)

Centipede (Arcade)

Casino (2600)

Circus Atari (2600)

Championship Soccer (2600)

Combat (2600)

Checkers (2600)

Combat 2 (2600)

Chess (2600)

Desert Falcon (2600)

Code Breaker (2600)

Dodge Em (2600)

Crystal Castles (2600)

Fatal Run (2600)

Crystal Castles (Arcade)

Football (2600)

Demons to Diamonds (2600)

Home Run (2600)

Double Dunk (2600)

Human Cannonball (2600)

Flag Capture (2600)

Liberator (Arcade)

Golf (2600)

Lunar Lander (Arcade)

Gravitar (2600)

Millipede (2600)

Gravitar (Arcade)

Millipede (Arcade)

Hangman (2600)

Miniature Golf (2600)

Haunted House (2600)

Pong (Arcade)

Major Havoc (Arcade)

Quadrun (2600)

Maze Craze (2600)

Radar Lock (2600)

Missile Command (2600)

Realsports Boxing (2600)

Missile Command (Arcade)

Realsports Football (2600)

Night Driver (2600)

Realsports Soccer (2600)

Off the Wall (2600)

Realsports Volleyball (2600)

Outlaw (2600)

Save Mary (2600)

Race (2600)

Slot Machine (2600)

Realsports Baseball (2600)

Slot Racers (2600)

Realsports Basketball (2600)

Space Duel (Arcade)

Realsports Tennis (2600)

Sprint Master (2600)

Red Baron (Arcade)

Star Raiders (2600)

Return to Haunted House (2600)

Steeplechase (2600)

Secret Quest (2600)

Stunt Cycle (2600)

Sentinel (2600)

Super Baseball (2600)

Sky Diver (2600)

Super Football (2600)

Spacewar (2600)

Swordquest: Earthworld (2600)

Sprint (Arcade)

Swordquest: Fireworld (2600)

Starship (2600)

Swordquest: Waterworld (2600)

Stellar Track (2600)

Tempest (2600)

Street Racer (2600)

Tempest (Arcade)

Sub Commander (2600)

Video Olympics (2600)

Super Breakout (2600)

Warlords (2600)

Super Breakout (Arcade)

Warlords (Arcade)

Surround (2600)

Yars’ Revenge (2600)

Video Pinball (2600)

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