Asus ZenScreen 15.6-inch Full HD portable monitor announced

Asus has made one of the most unique announcements at IFA this year. Asus announced the world’s lightest and slimmest full HD portable monitor – ZenScreen which is a very good-looking 15.6-inch portable display.

Portable displays might sound like a new thing in India but for people who require an external display with their laptops know the need. This ZenScreen will work easily with a laptop, desktop, mini PC and even tablets. The best part about this screen is the size and the resolution.

The ZenScreen has a screen size of 15.6 inches, and it has a resolution of 1080p. The main display itself is an edge to edge ultra thin display with bezels of just 6.5 mm. There is also a 1 mm smart case for the screen which doubles as a stand for the display. This is not the first ZenScreen that Asus has launched, but this is definitely a big improvement over the other earlier models.

First of all, the bezels are 60% thinner due to which you get a bigger screen real estate. Then there’s the weight which is just 800 grams which is astonishing for such a big portable display size. You get a USB Type-C port on the display which will be used for both video as well as power transmission from the main laptop, PC, mini PC or a tablet to the display.

You can connect it with any laptop or PC etc. that has a USB Type-C or USB Type-A port and hence this makes it accessible to most users who need it.

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