Asus unveils 14-inch ultra-light business laptop

Having the lightest laptop in the market is a hard task to achieve with the competition trying to do the same. ASUS, however, has announced they now have the lightest “business” laptop ever made.

The B9440

Although what makes this business laptop different from any other normal laptop is not entirely clear. The AsusPro B9440 certainly is quite a light laptop, weighing in at just about 1kg.

Asus credits the use of a magnesium alloy for the low weight of the laptop. This alloy is quite similar in strength to aluminum alloy but has the advantage when it comes to the weight. Almost every ultra-light laptop in the market uses magnesium alloy when possible, with the only drawback being the higher cost.

The B9440 comes with a 14-inch full HD display that’s been fit into a 13-inch chassis. This tight fit also happens to give rather nice and thin bezels to the laptop.

This business laptop also comes with a tiltable waterproof keyboard and a built-in fingerprint scanner. Surely for use in those hectic business meetings we hear about in the movies.

While light, the laptop has a modest look to it, without any flashy eye catching features. Asus seems to want the light and portableness of the laptop to speak for itself.

The Specs

Although the internals of it are not remarkable, the B9440 is not a low-performance laptop by any means.

The laptop comes equipped with seventh-generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, along with up to 16GB of RAM. Lastly, for Storage, the B9440 has a 512GB SSD built in.

While Asus claims the battery life of the laptop comes at around 10 hours; the performance of the battery in the hands of consumers may differ as with most laptops.


Despite its claim of being the lightest laptop ever is questionable, to say the least; the AsusPro B9440 in all its (small and light) glory will be available to purchase in May 2017 with a starting price of $999.

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