Astroneer’s new update adds dynamite among other things

The early access space sandbox game – Astroneer – has another update available for its Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam platforms. This update, which the developers have dubbed Patch 125, adds new content and fixes some bugs present in the game.

The brand new item – Dynamite – is now craftable by players to use in any of their explosive endeavors. These range from destroying the landscape of the planets they dwell on, to blowing up buildings that players have created.

Players can now find nine new wrecks as well, that happens to include collectible items inside them. The developers have also updated some models and effects in the game. Notably new Dropship, Trade Platform, and Smelter models, as well as new RCS thruster effects, also for the dropship.

Some users can expect their performance to increase thanks to the developer’s ongoing optimization efforts for the game, however, there are reports of the Xbox One version having frame rate issues since the update hit the console.

For the full changelog and list of bug fixes in this update, its available on the official developer forums – here. Additionally, owners of Astroneer through Steam may help out the developers bug test by joining the game’s Experimental Branch.

Joining the Steam Experimental Branch

The Steam version of the game has already received this patch a short while ago for its Experimental Branch; in which, the developers test out new features and balance updates before releasing them to all platforms publicly later.

Although the game’s latest experimental update session is not available anymore, it’s quite easy to enter any future test sessions. To do this, just open up Astroneer’s properties menu in the Steam client and choose the ‘Experimental’ branch inside the “Betas” tab, accessible whenever System Era Softworks announces the arrival of a new Experimental update.

Do note, however, that the save files from this Branch are not compatible with the base game’s save files. Moreover, users can experience quite a lot of crashes and save corruptions when trying out the new stuff.

Astroneer is available as an early access game for the Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam platforms for $20.

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