Astroneer update brings Crossplay between Xbox One and Windows 10

Players on Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms can now explore the planets of Astroneer together. The developers – System Era Softworks pushed out Patch 119 today, enabling Crossplay between the two platforms for the first time.

Although crossplay between the two platforms was always a feature planned by the developers for Astroneer, they had previously confirmed that the functionality would come after the early access release of the game last month.

This cross-platform capability is possible due to the game being a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program. Other than the service giving players access to both Xbox One and Windows 10 copies of the game when buying it only once, Microsoft also gives developers access and permission to let the player bases of both platforms join each other’s games. Something that is almost unheard of outside of recent special cases like Rocket League.

Keep in mind, however, that the Steam version of the game does not support crossplay with any other platform.

Patch 119

While the biggest feature of the update is the Crossplay inclusion, there are some bug fixes as well.

First up, players won’t lose their items and vehicles anymore when the frame rate drops happen. Next, unlike before, physics of objects will still function even when they are further from player characters. This is especially relevant to any roll capable items of the game.

Also, spikes can’t hurt players when jumping on them now, and digging them will destroy them after some time. Furthermore, Players can stop worrying about uncovering buried research items when killing hazards as the developers have changed how the game’s research items behave when digging them up.

Lastly, Players suffering from performance issues in the game can soon rest easy. The developers are planning a massive optimizations patch for Astroneer in the future, however, with no release date just yet. Moreover, System Era Softworks will be streaming next week to feature some new content coming to Astroneer in the future.

This marks a great time for Xbox One and Windows 10 players to check out each other’s worlds. This combination of players of both platforms will most probably increase the longevity of the game by a whole lot.

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