Astroneer lifts off to Windows Store and Xbox One in Game Preview

As promised back in September, Astroneer launched in Game Preview for the Xbox One and Windows 10 today. As the game also supports Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere program, buying on a single platform lets you play on both systems with no additional charge.

Astroneer was initially announced as a Steam Early Access title; seeing Microsoft Game Preview’s similarity to it, however, the game will now be reaching an even larger audience.

What it’s about

As for the setting, the game takes place in the 25th century where prospecting is all the rage. Players will be mining for resources and treasures while having access to powerful terraforming tools; used for practical or creative ventures.

Developed by a small but experienced team over the course of two years and touting a simplistic but vibrant voxel-based graphics style; the game is focusing more on exploration than the survival side of things.

Four player cooperative play with base building and ability to travel to other procedurally generated planets with player constructed vehicles, giving this Early Access title plenty of activities to jump into.


Last month, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was released on Windows 10 and Steam; although both platforms are available for PC, players were unable to join sessions of the other. It is unclear if Astroneer will have the same drawback or find some way to circumvent the issue.

The developers also remind potential buyers that the early release is not complete by any means; low frame-rates, glitches, and bugs are to be expected as with most early access titles.

Even with these concerns, however, the indie title has a very good platform to build upon. If you are interested in giving valuable feedback to the developers; shape the future of the game, this is a perfect opportunity for that.


As a Xbox Play Anywhere title, buying the game from either of Microsoft’s platforms will grant you access to the other.

Astroneer is now available to purchase from Steam, Windows 10 Store and Xbox Store for $19.99.


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