Astroneer comes out as Early Access in December for Xbox and PC

Astroneer is an indie game developed by System Era – a studio founded 2 years ago by developers who have seen their fair share of AAA development working on games such as Team Fortress, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, The Sims and much more.

What the game is

Built using the (very) new Unreal Engine 4, the game puts you in a world that can be moulded into whatever you want. It sounds a lot like Minecraft in space – and it looks like it too, as evident by the new trailer.

The game promises to let players treat the world as Play-Doh. Allowing players to dig down to the core of a planet or create massive mountains at their whim. Players will also have to survive in any environment the game puts you in – as all of the terrains is procedurally generated.

The game will also feature a crafting system which will let you build tools and vehicles – including ships you can use to travel to the stars, and among planets.

The ideas presented here aren’t themselves new – Space Engineers is one title that does almost all of the same things, and is already playable on Steam. Astroneer though has its own strange art-style – and it seems to be more on the ‘joyful’ side with bright colours and vivid scenery.

The marketing pitch overall sounds eerily similar to No Man’s Sky as well – a game whose hype rose higher than any indie game before and fell so much further.


When it comes out

The game was initially announced in 2015 as a PC title – available on Steam Early Access. However, today it has been announced that it will be coming to the Xbox One as well under the Xbox Game Preview program.

With the Xbox One version, the developers have decided also to make a Windows 10 version – despite there being a Steam version.

So now the game has three versions – two of which are for PCs: Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.

All of these, come out at the same time – sometime in December 2016.

In the end – it is an indie game that promises a lot of great things; it will release as an early access title – so not everything will be working at launch – we can only hope it will be able to deliver on its promises eventually.

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