‘Arena’ is out for Xbox One Preview, updates for ‘Looking for Games’ as well

Last month, Microsoft rolled out ‘Clubs’ and ‘Looking for Games’ to Xbox One Preview members and the Xbox (beta) app on Windows 10. In the same announcement, ‘Arena’ was mentioned – today it’s here.

Arena on Xbox One

Microsoft didn’t quite release many details about ‘Arena’ last month – but today we have the mother lode. In this Preview update, Xbox One is getting a bunch of new features.
The first is ‘Arena’ of course, second – a few updates to the achievements system with ‘Achievement Rarity’ and a few additions to the ‘Looking for Groups’ feature announced last month.


In its first announcement, Microsoft kept things pretty vague in regards to the ‘Arena’ – today things are clearer. Arena is designed to be an online tournament platform where Xbox players can play competitively – an eSports platform of sorts.

However, for now, Arena is pretty limited – it is only available for those who play Killer Instinct, specifically for practice tournaments – and the worst part – only in U.S. Microsoft says they are working hard to expand it to the broader Preview audience by late October.

Microsoft is also listening to feedback for further refinements to the Arena platform, so Preview members should probably help with that.

To get started, the Preview members have to open the Killer Instinct game hub and select the Tournament tab – register there, and you will be able to try out the feature for yourself.

Looking for Group updates

Looking for Group was announced just last month as a feature that let you put out ‘advertisements’ of sorts; allowing you to find a group of players to play with.

Starting today, you will be able to create LFG posts up to seven days in advance – this means you can plan for a gaming session, and be sure that you will have a group to play with when the time comes.

You can also make LFG posts directly in Clubs now, and control who can see them – they can be limited to the members of that Club, or visible to everyone on the Xbox Live community.

You can also now select a language for the party, and filter your LFG searches for specific languages as well.

The new Achievement Rarity popups

Achievement Rarity

This is the last one – rare achievements will now have a new unique animation, and come with a fancy diamond icon.

You can also see what percentage of players have been able to get that achievement.

These updates come days after the Group Messaging update – clearly, Microsoft is very busy working on these features. Hopefully, Arena will be available to a broad audience soon enough.

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