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Apps built using the Desktop Bridge now available in the Windows Store

Desktop Bridge – codenamed Project Centennial – is something Microsoft has been working on for a bit more than a year. The purpose is to port a ‘normal’ (note: Win32) application on Windows to a new AppX package and run it inside a UWP framework.


A lot of complicated technical things are involved – the point is, this allows you to now have proper real fully functional desktop apps on the Windows Store. Have a look at the new Evernote app – it’s called Evernote – not Evernote Touch as it did previously; it’s the full desktop app with all of the functionality still working as it should.

Last week, we also had another app show up on the Windows Store built using the Desktop Bridge as well – join.me. These apps are here now because Microsoft finally bundled the Desktop Bridge in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – this does mean you are going to need this update to use these apps.

This doesn’t stop at Evernote though: there is a list of applications coming to the Windows Store:

  • Evernote
  • join.me
  • Arduino IDE
  • doubleTwist
  • PhotoScape
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro
  • Virtual Robotics Kit
  • Relab
  • SQL Pro
  • Voya Media
  • Predicted Desire
  • korAccount

At this point any developer can submit their application for a review, to be published on the Windows Store – so we are not sure why Microsoft picked these specific apps to be launched with the first wave. It is, however, a wide range of applications.

While Evernote takes notes and does a whole bunch of cool things, Arduino IDE allows you to push new updates to your Arduino board. It’s a strange mix of apps with a wide range of purposes.

Perhaps Microsoft wants to see how the system works with a wide range of apps before opening the gates for all. Whatever the reason be, this is a great start – if successful, this could give consumers a more secure Windows that is also faster and easier to use.

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