AOC introduces a new 35-inch curved monitor with Adaptive Sync

AOC has announced a brand-new monitor, and it’s massive. The creatively named AG352QCX is a 35-inch 2560×1080 monitor with 200 Hz refresh rate.

The monitor also supports Adaptive Sync – and by extension, therefore, AMD’s FreeSync. The refresh rate range goes from 30 Hz to 200 Hz – basically, that’s the range it can use FreeSync in. The panel itself is not a common one: it’s using an MVA panel, rather than the usual TN or IPS panels.

AOC AG352QCX Curved Monitor

Multidomain Vertical Alignment – or MVA – panels are not as good as an IPS panel at color reproduction; however, they do have a higher contrast ratio and can be easily coated with an anti-glare coating, making it easier to read text on the screen.

MVA panels are also not usually used for gaming monitors – they suffer from slow response times and poor viewing angles, but the particular panel AOC is using can do 4ms response time; which isn’t perfect but not bad either.

AOC is also trying to sell this monitor by highlighting its curvature – it has an “optimal curve radius” of 2000mm; it just means that it’s a bit more curved than what you would usually see, but it’s not the first one to do this.

However, there’s a problem: the monitor is 35-inch, but has a resolution of only 2560×1080 at an aspect ratio of 21:9 – this gives the monitor an incredibly low 79 pixels per inch. You will probably be able to notice the individual pixels on the display from a fair amount of distance.

If the issues with the panel are not of concern, the monitor features two USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort 1.2ad, a VGA port, a DVI port, an audio in port, and an audio out port; in terms of connectivity, the monitor has you covered no matter what you have.

AOC plans on selling the AG352QCX in Europe for £699 starting from next month. You can read more about the monitor specifications at the official product page. Oh, you also get fancy LED’s to distract you away from your empty wallet.

AOC AG352QCX Curved Monitor

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