Annual Gearsmas holiday event arrives to Gears of War 4

Remember the die-hard world of Sera, with its monstrosities and dangers? Well, all that is going out the window; the annual Christmas update is now available for everyone to enjoy.


A tradition started by the original Gears of War developer Epic Games back in the day, now carried on by The Coalition. This year, Gearsmas brings a festive-themed weapon, character skins plus a new game mode involving explosive snowballs.

Collecting the 28 pieces of new content involves getting your hands on the Gearsmas Pack. Purchasable with in-game credits or real world money; each Gearsmas Pack drops one Bounty and two randomly selected pieces of holiday-themed skins.

The drops include a Gearsmas Emblem, “Ugly Gearsmas Armor” as character variants for JD, Kait, and the Swarm Drone; Gingerbread, Festive Tree, Snow Man and Wrapping Paper weapon skins.

Using the newly released Daily Rewards system, Gearsmas will also be dropping exclusive items. Players logging into the game today will receive the “Chuzzmas Emblem,” with “Ice Boomshot” available on December 27th.

Snowball Fight mode

The new themed Team Death Match mode arrives with the custom Boomshot – Snowshot. In true Gears of War fashion, the snowballs Snowshot fires will still brutally explode enemies upon contact.

Players receive only two snowballs at spawn, forcing them to pick up more from around the map to continue their explosive snowball fight.

Continuing the holiday spirit, Crossplay Versus is now back in the game. Xbox One and Windows 10 players may now group up together or against each other in the Special Event playlist.


The Gearsmas event comes free to all Gears of War 4 owners on Xbox One and Windows 10, spreading its Gearsmas cheer until January 4th, 2017.

The Gearsmas Pack containing the random cosmetic items is purchasable using 400 in-game credits or for $0.99 in the store.

If you do not own Gears of War 4 yet, as a special Christmas deal, both Gears of War 4 editions are 35% off on the Microsoft Store.

Dropping the Standard Edition to $38.99 and the Ultimate Edition to $79.99.

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