Amazon’s Alexa can now link to Outlook Calendar

Yesterday Amazon announced Chime – its very own unified messaging solution that competes with the likes of Skype for Business. Today, Amazon has a treat for Alexa users invested into Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Amazon has added the option to connect a Microsoft account with Alexa. The link would allow Alexa to read the events and upcoming meetings from one’s calendar, and notify them of anything that’s relevant.

Alexa already could hook up to Google Calendar and perform the same tasks, but now it’s possible with Microsoft. That’s nice.

The Connection

Adding the Microsoft connection is quite simple. The option lies within the Settings > Calendar section of the Alexa app or website.

The integration is via the standard OAuth method – simply click on Microsoft and log in with the account you want to link. It will require the necessary permissions, so the privacy conscious might not like giving away this data to Amazon.

The integration also seems to be working with any type of Microsoft account – Outlook or Office 365 does not matter.

It seems like it is only possible to link one Microsoft account at a time, but linking a Google and Microsoft account simultaneously is possible. It’s also possible to select the default account for any new events a user may create via Alexa.


Homes are getting smarter. A smart home isn’t just about turning the lights on with a voice command; it’s also about being smarter with the resources a home consumes.

A smart home is one that saves electricity, conserves water, and has as little impact on the environment around it as it possibly could.

But, it also must make its owner more productive. A feature that lets the home remind you of an upcoming event is something that doesn’t just help one person, but an entire family. It’s the epitome of a dream we have had in science fiction for decades.

Alexa, Cortana, Google’s-creatively-named Assistant, Siri, these are all trying to achieve what was once envisioned by science fiction writers. It’s only a matter of time before our reality catches up to our imagination.

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