Amazon Video is rolling out a brand-new app for Xbox One

Amazon is making some big moves in the streaming industry right now – the service just launched in about 240 countries around the world, a big jump from the five countries it was available in just two days ago; though, not all is well – there is some sprinkling of self-censorship.

Those using an Xbox One for their every-day entertainment needs – as intended – this news is going to bring some joy; Amazon’s appears to be bringing a new version of its app with a ton of improvements to the viewing experience, a brand new interface, and support for 4K HDR content.

The Update

The new app – from the looks of it – seems to be a UWP app, which means it should also be available on the Windows 10 Store for PCs – except it isn’t.

The update makes a lot of improvements to the experience; the menus are more responsive, the library is simpler to browse through, it’s a big step-up from the dated app that it’s replacing.

The new app also supports 4K UHD content, something those with an Xbox One S and a compatible TV would greatly appreciate.

Amazon is facing some tough competition from Netflix, Hulu, and Microsoft itself; Hulu recently added support for 4K UHD streaming on Xbox One S – but only for a limited amount of their content library.

Amazon is in the same boat – not everything will be in 4K, or even in HD, as many users have pointed out; though, the recent expansion should help Amazon gain some foothold against its competition.


The update – oddly enough – doesn’t appear to be available on the Xbox Store; only the users of the old app can update to this version – that process itself is manual as well.

What’s going on with the update? Who knows; you should be able to find the new app under the “Ready to Install” section in Games & Apps section on the dashboard.

It’s also unclear if this update is available to all markets – after all, not everyone can play 4K UHD content as it requires some beefy internet infrastructure on Amazon’s part as well.

As mentioned, the app appears to be a UWP one – except it’s not available on Windows Store, which is only adding to the confusion.

If the app does show up on the Windows Store; hopefully, it will also prompt Netflix to update its outdated Windows 8-era app on the Windows Store – that thing doesn’t even support 4K, while Edge does.

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