Amazon is removing the Kindle app from Windows Store on October 27

Amazon is a unique company – it started as an online store that sold books, and then expanded onto better things, including turning into a tech-giant with services like AWS.

Kindle for Windows 8

However, despite being a tech-giant, Amazon hasn’t been very successful in its hardware strategy – most of the hardware products coming out of Amazon have been a disappointment, to say the least. The Fire Phone was especially a disaster.

Kindle has been a major exception, but not everybody wants to buy the Kindle hardware – sometimes you just want to use the service and have access to the thousands of e-books available on Kindle. That’s where the Kindle apps come in.

However, not all is rainbows and sunshine there either; Amazon has started notifying its Kindle customers that the Kindle App on Windows Store would be discontinued and removed by October 27th. The app itself was built for Windows 8, not Windows 10, and haven’t received updates in months.

Amazon is asking users to “upgrade” to the Kindle for PC app – a Win32 application with an old-school installer and an exe! What year is this?! It is unclear what happens to those on Windows RT since users over there cannot run Win32 applications at all.

If you have the Kindle for Windows 8 app installed at the moment – do not uninstall it. If you want to install it, do it now; you won’t be able to install it after October 27th, but those who already have it installed would be able to keep using it as long as they don’t remove it.


It is frustrating to watch a technology provider like Amazon shy away from UWP – perhaps Amazon plans on bringing its Win32 app to Windows Store via the Desktop Bridge – as many have done – but it would still not be a UWP app.

Why Amazon wouldn’t only go back to the drawing board and build a UWP app that could work on the Xbox One, Windows 10 PC’s and Windows 10 Mobile is beyond us. Perhaps it is not just not worth the time and money.

Whatever the reason be, the discontinuation of Kindle for Windows 8 is sure to cause trouble for a few Amazon customers.


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