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AirServer brings AirPlay to the Xbox One, at a heafty price

The Xbox One already has built-in support for Miracast and Google Cast – two of the most popular remote-play protocols. AirPlay is what Apple offers – but as always, it usually only works within the Apple ecosystem.


AirServer – an app for the Xbox One – brings AirPlay to the console. This allows you to stream media from your iOS devices to your Xbox One.

It does this by becoming.. well.. an AirPlay server – thus the name AirServer. The app comes at a price, though – at 29.99$, it is quite expensive for what it does. At the time of writing this, the app has 10$ off and is selling for 19.99$ as part of a launch promotion.

Whether it be 29.99$ or 19.99$ – it is very expensive for what it offers, which is simply an AirPlay server. Apparently, it doesn’t do that very well either – as one comment on the store page notes: it fails to connect most of the time; when it does connect, it stutters.

Those who are heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem should probably spend the money and get the app. For the rest, perhaps wait and see where the development goes. At this price, it is important to have extensive developer support – and we don’t know if that’s going to be the case just yet.

It is, however, nice to see two ecosystems colliding – just a few days ago; we had the possibility of running an NES emulator on the Xbox One, though Microsoft didn’t take very long to take that away from us.

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