Acer announces a 4K 144 Hz monitor with NVidia G-Sync HDR

Asus announced the ROG Swift PG27UQ yesterday – one of the first monitors to run at a 4K resolution with 144 Hz of refresh rate; now Asus is joined by Acer, with a similar monitor.

The Acer Predator XB272-HDR shares the same 4K resolution and runs at the same 144 Hz refresh rate.

In fact, it seems that both Asus and Acer have the same suppliers; the rest of monitor’s specifications are identical as well. It’s a Quantum Dot display, with 384 zone backlighting – exactly like the Asus monitor.

The monitor also comes with NVidia’s recently announced G-Sync HDR – once again, just like Asus. G-Sync HDR still hasn’t been detailed by NVidia, but it seems to be NVidia’s equivalent of FreeSync 2.0. It’s simply the same spec, with a few modifications and support for HDR.

The HDR support will help the display produce brighter colors and deeper blacks, hence making every frame look more lively and beautiful. 


The HDR is helped by the panel’s Quantum Dot Enhancement Film, or QDEF in short. QEDF helps the panel producer deeper and higher saturation red and green colors specifically, which results in better overall colors.

The color space, therefore, is 25% bigger than the standard sRGB color gamut and comes close to the DCI-P3 standard using in cinema.

Similar to the Asus display; the Acer display has DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0; do keep in mind, however, that you need to use DisplayPort 1.4 to run the display at 4K 144 Hz, as HDMI 2.0 lacks the bandwidth to push that many frames.

For better or worse, HDR is quickly being adopted as a standard in gaming monitors; NVidia’s G-Sync HDR is an attempt to stay relevant when compared with AMD’s FreeSync 2.0.


Acer – once again, like Asus – hasn’t talked about a release date. There’s no talk of a price either; however, we can expect it to be in the vicinity of $1,199, as that’s what Asus priced its monitor at.

Hopefully, these two monitors will hit the market soon.

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