6 Best Photo Editing Apps for Windows 10 [Free Apps]

After installing Windows 10 on your system, if you’re looking for the best photo editing apps so that you can edit your photos, then this article has all the apps which you will definitely find useful.

When you capture photos using your digital camera or smartphone, sometimes you feel the need of photo editor to turn your simple photos into artistic one. So that everyone in the photo looks awesome and remember the moment captured in the photo for a lifetime.

If you’re reading this article that means you’re looking for photo editing apps for Windows 10 desktop. Right? No Problem, as the Windows Store has lots of photo editing apps available on the Windows Store that you can use to fine-tune your photos or alter them by adding special filters and effects.

Without further delay, why don’t you start reading about them:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a popular image editing tool by Adobe dedicated to users. This application is a combination of some of the best professional photo manipulation technologies. With this app, you can turn your simple looking picture into the professionally edited image just by making a single tap with the help of automatic filters and fixes.

adobe photo express for windows 10

In this application, you will find out all the photo editing features which an ideal image-editing app must have. Using its basic editing tool you can rotate, crop, straighten, fix red-eye issues, and even flip your photos.

The application is featuring 15 outstanding and eye-catching effects. You can simply remove unwanted speckling and grain in your photos using Adobe Noise Reduction pack of the app.

The good news is that just by signing up to your Adobe account, you get access to all the premium features for free.

2. Fhotoroom

It is one of the best and popular photo editor that employ a completely different way of editing the photos. The application provides very simple and user-friendly interface so that users can edit the photos in a right way. It’s uncommon method of editing the photos let you see the large previews which make image editing joyful.

fhotoroom for windows 10

You can use the quick interactive editing feature for the best possible level of accuracy and control. With this application, you can edit an image of upto 41 megapixels. Crop, Curves, Rotate, Exposure Correction, Color Correction, and Resize is the part of Fhotoroom editing tool.

Fhotoroom is home for lots of amazing inbuilt tool and feature which you will find out when you start using it.

Once you have edited your image you can share your edited photos with Fhotoroom community which is also know as one of the rapidly growing photo community.

3. Fotor

Fotor is one of the best and popular all-in-one photo editing app for Windows platform. It’s easy to use interface is bundled with all the basic editing tools which an ideal photo editor must have. This application is home for amazing effects and filters; so choose the one which suits your photos. You can also make collages using three different collage modes like Photo Stitching, Shuffle Collage, and Template Collage.

fotor for windows 10

You can also add text to your photos. Simply enter the plain text or pick a stylish text template to personalize your photos and made them rememberable by adding messages, quotes or notes.

It’s inbuilt raw converter supports around 100 supports formats. You just need to import the RAW files and leave rest on the Fotor.

4. Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr has the potential to transform everyday photos into remarkable artwork. Whether you want to apply the quick fix to your images or want to add professional effects, filters, overlays or borders. This app has everything which you need to make your photos beautiful and rememberable.

autodesk pixlr for windows 10

With it’s easy to use and simple user interface anyone with little knowledge of photo editing can transform their simple photo into an artistic one.

Using this application you can merge two photos, erase imperfection in the photos with red-eye and heal tools. Apply quick fixes like crop, resize, straighten and much more.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt is another creative photo editing app that provides you almost all the photo editing features to make your photos amazing and memorable. The application is featuring hundreds of customizable effects and filters which you will only find in professional photos editing apps. It also has inbuilt collage maker, photo camera, Sticker, Text, and images overlays, advanced artistic brushes and much more.

picsart app for windows 10

All these features in the app inspire you to turn your simple image to the one edited by a professional editor. It also let you connect with whole PicsaArt community via art contests, image sharing, and collaborative editing with the help of free to edit hashtag

6. Photo Editor by Aviary

photo editor by aviary for windows 10

Photo Editor by Aviary is a simple and powerful photo editor using which you can edit your photos the way you want without any confusion. You will find all the basic photo editing tools like filters, effects, and brightness options which an ideal photo editing app must have. The application provides you very easy to use interface so that you can edit your photos easily and quickly.

All the photos you will edit using this photo editor will be stored in the Picture folder on your machine.

So this is our list of best photo editing apps for Windows 10. Why don’t you try them and let us know which one you find useful? Also, if we forget to mention any good app for editing photos, then drop the name in the comment section.

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