More than 50% of Steam users are now on Windows 10

Windows 10 now houses more than half the users of Valve’s gaming platform, Steam. This comes almost a year and a half after the release of Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Quick rise to the top

The data comes from Steam’s voluntary hardware and software survey, conducted by Valve every month. Windows 10 now sits at the top of the list with 50.35% of the Steam users in its grasp; 49.10% of them using the 64-bit version while 1.25% sticking with 32-bit Windows 10.

The adoption rate of Windows 10 among gamers has been pretty explosive since its release 2015, quickly overtaking all other operating systems except Windows 7 within months of its launch. Ultimately Windows 7 also giving up the lead it had held for years to Windows 10, in June of 2016.

Although the free upgrade to Windows 10 that Microsoft was offering definitely helped its rise in popularity; the end of the promotion last year has not stopped the momentum it had gathered by any means.

In addition, DirectX 12 is another factor to consider when looking at Windows 10’s high adoption rate. Due to the exclusivity of DirectX 12 to Windows 10, new titles, such as Gears of War 4 are only available on the new OS. The quick acceptance of Windows 10 by gamers are understandable when considering the benefits that come with it.

Other operating systems

It is not all good news for everyone, however. Compared to last month, OSX lost 0.15% of its share of users, dropping to 3.44% of total Steam users. Linux, although dropping only 0.1% users this month, lags behind with 0.87% of the total user base.

When looking at the numbers, Windows operating systems dominate Steam’s user base. Even older operating systems like Windows XP and Vista counting towards the 95.60% share that Microsoft holds. Meanwhile, Windows has also gained another 0.20% to its user base since last month, slowly expanding its control over the PC market.

With DirectX 12 support becoming more regular, and Microsoft focusing more and more on the gaming side of things, Windows 10 isn’t showing any signs of stopping its takeover of the PC gaming crowd.

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