5 ways to make Google Chrome faster on Windows 10

A slow browser frustrates everyone. With the technology developing at the speed of light, everything is getting faster and responsive to each passing day except your Chrome browser that you have installed on your Windows 10 machine. You get angry and disappointed at the time because of this. To make sure that next time you can do any of your important tasks quickly, let us help you out.

Here are 5 ways that’ll make Google Chrome faster on your Windows 10 machine.

Use the default theme

Using themes in your Chrome browser can sometimes make it slower. There are thousands of themes available on Chrome, though these themes are beautiful they also slow down your browser. These themes consume higher resources as compared to a default one and hence make the browser slow. For a faster experience, you should consider sticking to the default theme on Chrome.

Remove any malware or spyware from your system

While installing software from websites, sometimes we install malware and spyware along with it. These programs use the resources of our computer and make it slow. Many time it has been seen that the malware installs some unwanted extensions in your browser and makes them slow. These extensions then slow down your browser and show you ads and popups that slow down your browser as well as you too.

Close all the unwanted tabs

We human beings are a lazy creature. We don’t do the easiest things just out of plain laziness. Many times we open multiple tabs on Chrome and don’t even bother to close them even if they are no more required. Keeping such tabs open uses resources and makes the browser sluggish as the tab that you’ve left may still be loading ads that are refreshing. So, in order to avoid this, keep the relevant tabs open and close the irrelevant ones.

Close all unwanted programs

Similar to the situation described in the preceding tip, the Chrome browser requires a large amount of RAM to work smoothly. Hence, you should close all the irrelevant programs that are open in the background and are eating precious storage in RAM. If the RAM would be inadequate for the browser, then it will start lagging no matter even if a single tab is open.

Clear your cache on a regular basis

Many of you may have heard the name “cache”. It is basically a memory where those things that are frequently used are stored. Let’s say, you visit Facebook on a daily basis on your Chrome browser, then it will store data from Facebook for quickly reopening the website the next time you open it. Though Cache is supposed to make your browsing experience quick, still you should clean it at least once in a month. If not cleared, the cache will keep the old data that may not be needed by you anymore and the new data won’t have any place to be saved and will load every time it is accessed hence slowing down your browsing experience.

Get an SSD

If none of the said things mentioned above work, just go ahead and get an SSD. An SSD can be used in a computer for storage of data and it is much faster than a conventional hard drive that we get in our computers. The SSD will help not only make your system quicker, but it will also help you get your apps and programs like Google Chrome open and function faster than ever.

So, these were some tips that you can follow to improve your browsing experience on Chrome on Windows 10 and make it faster. These were the really basic things that you can do and there are many more advanced methods to improve your browsing experience using flags option in Chrome.

These were simply ways to make chrome faster on Windows 10, for advance methods we will do a separate post soon.

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