5 Best Upcoming Games for Xbox One

What majorly separates a gaming console from another is the games that can be played with the help of it. In this article we have provided with 5 of the best upcoming games which are exclusive for the Xbox One. Here are 5 Best Upcoming Games for Xbox One.

1. Inside

Scheduled to be released at any time in the former half of 2015, Inside is developed by the same team who designed Limbo. The game is set in a similar gloomy backdrop yet it has the capability of being outrageously gorgeous. The gloomy background which is dark and mysterious hides a number of puzzles which you need to solve in order to level up and finish the game.

Some of the puzzles that have been included are quite mind boggling and solving them will leave you with a satisfaction of being a superior intellect. The trailer of the game has already created quite some stir in the gaming world as players are eagerly awaiting its release.


2. Fable Legends

Peter Molyneux has designed the latest version of the long running Fable game of Xbox One with a twist which sets Fable Legends worlds apart from the predecessors. Set in the similar fantasy kingdom of Albino and scheduled to release in this very year, Fable Legends is supposed to be an online quest which is a multiplayer in nature unlike its single player predecessors.

This quest allows you to start as a non celebrity who has to fulfil various quests to emerge on the top of the social ladder of Albino. The game can be played by five players where four of them will be heroes and the fifth one will be a villain who will set up traps, deploy the enemies and arrange the quests. Pretty much like an evolved Dungeon Masters.


3. Below

When it comes to gaming, there are a few developers who can compete with those developed by Capybara Games. Capybara once again unravels its magic through their newest game Below. The game allows you to become the hero in a huge island where you have to ward off all the enemies to emerge as the winner. The dangerous point of the game is that each time you die in the game; you have to start all over again.

There is no option of regeneration which means you could lose a lot. However, the game, whose release date is yet to be announced is a full action adventure game fit for the adrenaline junkies.


4. Crackdown

Yet another game whose release date hasn’t yet been announced, Crackdown deals with a world of corruption where a single legit cop stands against the whole world in his path of righteousness. The game is pretty cool and allows you to start off as a normal citizen who fights through quests to become a legendary hero who is capable of fighting off swarms of enemies on his own.

Crackdown takes full advantage of the cloud computing facility of Xbox One to provide the players with co-operative quests and pretty destructive environments for you to revel in. The trailer, which has been released on YouTube has upped the excitement by several notch.


5. Cuphead

Just as the name, Cuphead is kind of a cute Xbox One game which is devoid of all the high end graphics and uses the cartoon graphics of the early 19th century. The video game is named after the hero who actually has a cup for a head. The lead hero has sold his soul to the villain and is now on a quest to defeat the bosses who come in various sizes and shapes with unthinkable powers.

One must not get turned down by the cute look of the game because just as interesting as it looks, Cuphead is equally interesting to play and action packed. You have to run about the whole fantasy world, throwing projectiles to defeat the various villains’ a.k.a bosses. This is a game which is a class apart from the rest.


So this is a list of the most exciting Xbox One games that are about to be released in 2015 and are bound to keep you engaged for hours at a stretch. Happy Gaming! Do let us know which Xbox one game you are waiting for by leaving a comment below.

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