5 Best NES Emulators for Windows 10 [Play Nintendo Games]

Alright, so there is no denying the fact that with time, the technology is becoming more and more advanced. Now, with improvement in technology, the Games are also becoming better. Especially the graphics of the game. Anyways, do you remember the time when we used to play Classic Games like Super Mario on our Ninetendo Entertainment System?

Well, we are pretty much sure that if you are someone who has played those games, then reading above lines must have brought a huge smile on your face. Yes, those old good memories when all we cared about was playing our favorite games on our Nintendo. Anyways, a lot of things might be changed now. But it is always a good idea to remember those moments. So why not play those old games on your Windows PC to revive those good memories. Well, yes you can play those NES Games on your Windows PC, just in case if you were wondering. Today, in this post, we would be covering on 5 Best NES Emulators for Windows 10 [Play Nintendo Games]. So without wasting any more time, let’s top into it. Should we?

5 Best NES Emulators for Windows 10 [Play Nintendo Games]

Now, if you go out on the Internet looking for some NES Emulators for Windows 10, then the chances are that you would not be able to make a choice since there are a lot of options to choose from. That’s why we decided to compile a list of 5 Best NES Emulators for Windows 10 [Play Nintendo Games].

A quick disclaimer: None of these Emulators are sponsors. These are just our personal picks for the 5 Best NES Emulators and is not influenced by any third party or individual.

With that being clear, that being said, let us take a look at the first emulator on the list. Should we?

1. NESbox/ Universal Emulator

The first NES Emulator for Windows 10 is the NESbox/ Universal Emulator. Now, this is the best Emulator or a Universal Emulator. All you need is simply open your browser and start playing your favorite classic game. You can also play the games on the UWP app which is offered by the developer for Windows 10.

With this Emulator, you get a pretty smooth, lag free experience. We did try this emulator out in our office and didn’t face any issues at all. This is a Universal NES Emulator, this means that it is compatible with all the
NES (.nes), Sega (.gen .smd), Super Nintendo (.smc), GameBoy (.gb .gbc .gba) formats. Great, Isn’t it? You should definitely try out this amazing Emualtor for Windows 10 at least once.

2. jNES

Now, if you are someone who is quite lazy and you want something in which all you gonna wanna do is open the ROM and start playing. Then, you should consider downloading and installing the jNES Emulator on your Windows 10 PC. Now, though the emulator does not offer a lot of features, but it surely does the job for what it is developed pretty well.

The User Interface of the jNES is pretty straightforward and simple. It does offer a few features which includes using a gamepadcontrolling sound and adjusting screen size. You can download and use this NES Emulator on your Windows 10 PC for completely free.

3. RetroArch

RetroArch is another great NES Emulator for Android Device. Now, the RetroArch has the most beautiful and modern user interface. The emulator offers a lot of cool features. During our testing, we found that setting up the RetroArch for the first time was pretty complicated. There was no official documentation on the same, so you would have to find a way yourself.

Anyways, once the RetroArch was set up, we didn’t faced any issues at all. No lags whatsoever. However, if you do face some issues, you can always play around the graphics settings. If you are looking for an emulator which you wanna use for long time, then you should definitely go with the RetroArch.


Continuing with the list of 5 Best NES Emulators for Windows 10, we have the FCEUX at number 4. This emulator offers a lot of amazing features along with some customization options as well. This is used by both the players and the developers too. With the FCEUX, the users get features like debuggingvideo recordingROM-hacking, and also creating speedruns.

There are some more amazing features like on screen controls, full screen option and more. Well, the reason why we put this at number 4 was that it has an inaccurate color palette. You can still fix it manually. Anyways, you should try this NES Emulator on your Windows 10 PC.

5. VirtuaNES

And finally the last, but not the least, we have the VirtuaNES on our list of 5 best NES Emulators for Windows 10. It is one of the most highly customizable NES Emulators for Windows PC. The Emulator does support external joystick and gamepad which is a great thing.

The VirtuaNES also supports Cheat Codes which can be used during the gameplay. We did tried some out during our testing and we should say that it works pretty well. VituaNES is supported on almost all versions of Windows.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on 5 Best NES Emulators for Windows 10 [Play Nintendo Games]. We hope that you found this list useful. Let us know what’s your pick for the best NES Emulator in the comments section down below.

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