5 best Free Firewall software for Windows 10

If you are using a Wireless Router for your Internet connection, then the chances are that you already have a built-in hardware firewall. Now, the latest version of Windows 10 also comes with a built-in firewall as well. Unfortunately, Windows is the most attacked operating system. That’s why an extra layer of protection does make sense. This is because most of these built-in firewall systems are not that effective and the intruders still manage to bypass this. Now, a good quality third party Firewall Software can help us protect our computer from such attacks. 

If you go out on the internet looking for some free firewall software for your Windows 10 PC, then the chances are that you won’t be able to decide. We are saying this because there is actually a lot of Free Firewall software out there. Some of them are really effective while others, not so much. Today, in this post, we would cover a list of 5 Best Free Firewall software for Windows 10. Now if that sounds interesting, let us top into it. Should we?

5 best Free Firewall software for Windows 10

‘Here is a list of best Free Firewall software for Windows 10 PC:

1. Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition 

Sophos is one of the best and the most popular cybersecurity player in the industry. Now, there are a lot of tech industries out there who are relying on Sophos for their security concerns. Not just for businesses, but the Sophos even turns out to be great for household or personal use. With the Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition, you get almost all the essential features from the Sophos XG Firewall Business edition. Now, the Sophos XG even has its own operating system which does a spectacular job of protecting your network. 

Though it does require some power, to be specific it needs to have four cores and 6 GB of RAM. As soon as you install the Operating System, it will wipe the current OS which is installed on your computer. So if you have a spare PC around, then you can consider making it your own firewall machine. With the latest version of Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition, you get a lot of amazing features like web security, connection privacy, and URL filtering. Within the network, you get application control, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and more. 

2. AVS Firewall

Coming up next, we have the AVS Firewall which is owned by Online Media Technologies Ltd. Now, one of the best things about this free software is the fact that it is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows from Windows XP all the way to the latest version of Windows, the Windows 10. Unfortunately, the download link for the software is not clearly mentioned anywhere on their website, but you can still download it from the third-party software distribution websites. 

This firewall software does a great job of blocking incoming connection requests and it provides a lot of other security measures as well. AVS firewall also provides robust protection measure against worms and persistent malware. If you have never tried this software out, then we will highly recommend you do so.

3. Avast Free Antivirus

There is no denying the fact that the Avast is one of the best and the most popular Free Antivirus software for Windows PC. Now, a lot of people don’t actually know that this free Antivirus software actually comes with firewall protection as well. And yes, the firewall protection that you get with this software is pretty effective as well. Avast also creates a Sandbox environment on your machine on which you can try out new software and third-party applications. 

Along with Firewall, the users also get features like password locker and fake site detection which does a great job of protecting you from fake and spammy websites. You can download and install the Avast Antivirus software on your Windows 10 PC for completely free. 

4. Comodo Free Firewall

Comodo is one of the oldest players in the industry of Computer security. For those of you who don’t already know, the Comodo is actually an award-winning cybersecurity software. Now, the company claims that the Comodo Free Firewall is the World’s first Free Firewall software. Since Comodo is an old player, this software is compatible with almost all the major versions of Windows from the XP to the Windows 10. We get all the basic features of a firewall along with some more useful functions. 

For instance, users get a Sandbox environment which allows you to test any new program or software on your windows machine. The Comodo firewall uses AI to block suspicious activities as well. All in all, the Comodo Free Firewall is a great software for an extra layer of protection. 

5. TinyWall

If you are looking for something lightweight and small in size which does not require a lot of power, then you should definitely take a look at TinyWall. This tiny software runs all the time and the user can see it as an icon in the system tray. Now, since the software does not eat a lot of memory and resources, you need to tell it to look for threats. This means that threat information is available only on user demand. 

With that being said, the software comes in a pretty tiny package (it only takes up 1 MB of space on your hard drive). You can whitelist some of the programs if you want to. It is a great pick for those who are looking for tiny Firewall software for their old machine. 

So that’s it guys, this was our take on 5 best Free Firewall software for Windows 10. We hope that this list was helpful. Let us know your pick for the best firewall software in the comments section down below. 

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