5 Best Ebook Reader Apps for Windows 10

If you’re the one who is looking for some of the best Ebook Readers Apps for Windows 10, then this article is dedicated to you.

Nowadays electronic readers are very popular among users in comparison to printed books. Users now prefer to read on their smartphones and tablets. Users prefer electronic readers because they are portable and can store thousands of books in it.

You can also read Ebooks on computer or laptop running Windows 10, and the only thing you need is the Ebook Reader app. But the question is what are the best Ebook reader apps for Windows 10?

By keeping this question in mind, we decided to make a list of all the ebook readers apps on Windows Store and covered the best one in this opinion piece.

Why don’t you check out the first one best ebook reader app for Windows 10:

1. Kindle

One of the best and easy to use ebook reader apps for Windows 10 is Kindle. Using this app, you can read Kindle books as well as get access to more than one million books lying on the Kindle Store. Its Whispersync technology automatically syncs notes, bookmarks, previous page read, and display them on all the devices that have Kindle apps installed.

kindle app for windows 10

With this application, you get access to lots of features like buy the book once and read it across all your devices. If you want to read specific part, you can also search inside the book to find a topic, characters or even the section which you want to read.

It only takes few seconds to download your book; it downloads the book in the background when you’re already reading. You can even customize your reading experience by changing the font size, background colors as well as the number of reading columns.

You can also Pin your favorite books to Windows 10 Start menu to get quick access.

2. Nook

Nook app provides you amazing reading experience for the magazine, books, comics, and newspapers to Windows 10 users in different new countries and languages. You can check out complete collection and import the files without logging in. You can purchase books, magazines, newspapers and comics just with a flick the fingers.

nook app for windows 10

Explore Nook books in different categories like best of mystery, Si-Fi, Romance, Fiction and much more. You can even enjoy magazine and newspaper for free under 14 days trial subscription.

The thing which we really like about this application is that there is no need of creating a new account to access the books library, simply sign using Microsoft account and you’re ready to go. You can even import PDF or ePub files from SkyDrive or computer to get all your favorite content at one place.

Customize your reading experience by adjusting the space, theme and fonts the way you want. Nook is undoubtedly one of the best ebook reader app available for Windows 10.

3. Legimi

With this app, you can look for the ebook catalog, purchase them from the device or read the one which you have already stored in OneDrive. One of the best app available in Windows Store that provides you best book styling support. Just create an account at the Legimi.com, a well-known ebook store and get access to your publication on other phone, tablets or even on your computer.

legimi app for windows 10

Legimi helps you in getting access to free and cheap ebooks in free book samples or in the ePub format. If you have your own book, you can simply import it from OneDrive to their website. While reading the book you can decrease or increase the size of the font, line spacing, and margins, change font style, use the slider to change chapters, navigate with links and much more.

To avoid stress on your eyes while reading the book use the brightness control feature of the apps. You will also get some other basic features like, save a quote in a note, or even share it on the Facebook.

4. Freda

Freda is another free ebooks reader app that reads different book formats like ePub, FB2, Txt, and HTML. This application provides you different customizable options to control colors, fonts, plus annotations and bookmarks. While reading the book, you can also look for dictionary translations and definitions. The app also has a new feature that helps in converting the text of your books into speech.

freda for windows 10

It is a very clever app and understand all the ePub formatting information and can show images and diagrams in the books. It also gives you the option to download the book from any site as well as from email attachment.

Freda provides access to popular online catalogs like Smashwords, Feedbooks, Gutenberg, Ebooksgratuits, Manybooks as well as Dropbox and one drive. It also gives you an option to tag your books by subject and filter or sort your bookshelf.

The application also supports ads, so if you want to enjoy the ad-free reading experience, you can purchase Freda+ app.

5. Kobo Books

Kobo is another useful application using which you can use to read ebooks on your Windows 10 system. This application gives you access to around 5 million affordable and free ebooks, children’s books, and comics. The application provides you limited features which ideal reader apps must have.

kobo book reader app for windows 10

The application syncs your bookmarks all across your devices so that you can read it on any device in your hand. If you want to customize your reading experience you can also do that, enjoy the clear text in the style and size you prefer. You can try Night Mode if you love to read in the night time.

So, these are the 5 Best Ebook Reader Apps for Windows 10. If you use any other Ebook reader app on Windows 10, do let us know the name of the app in the comments section below.

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