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Windows 10 Insiders Fast Ring build 14951 out for Mobile and PC

by Vishal Laul


Another week, another Insider Fast Ring update because it’s apparently weekly now. Build 14951 brings us some improvements in the Photos app, further refinements for the touchpad (been a theme for the past few Fast Ring updates), and a lot more.

The closer we get to Redstone 2, the better it seems to be. Hopefully, we will get a proper glimpse at it all during the October 26th event, and perhaps some good news from the Office team for Windows 10 at the November 2nd event.

For now, let’s focus on Build 14951 – we got better inking support, camera & photos app updates, with a massive update for the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Let’s get through all of it.

For the PC

This week’s build focuses on touch and touchpad – with the new and improved inking support and further refinements to the touchpad customization that was introduced in the past few builds, it’s continuing on the work done so far – as expected.


Keyboard shortcuts for gestures – The keyboard shortcut section that was disabled in last week’s update have been enabled in this build; you can now find this at Settings > Devices > Touchpad > Other gestures > Advanced gestures > Custom keyboard shortcuts.
Once you press the button, you will be presented with a recorder – you can press any key combinations and map them to a gesture.

Touchpad refinements – Under ‘Other gestures’ you now have the option to change audio volume with a gesture, and the reset button now properly reacts to a click with a progress circle and a checkmark when it is finished.
There are a few bug fixes and minor improvements related to the touchpad as well; you can find them in the section below.

Windows Ink Protractor

Improvements for Windows Ink – Windows Ink is receiving a whole lot of love in this update. Here’s what’s new:

Photos get some Ink – The Photos app has been updated in this build as well, the version is bumped to 16.1017.10000.0, and it brings inking to your photos. You can read more about this in detail over here; it’s pretty amazing.

Narrator refinements – Further refinements to Windows Narrator fix multiple issues with continuous reading for tables on web pages. The Caps Lock + W reading experience has been fixed as well, so dialogs are read correctly.

Camera revamps – The camera app has gone through a revamp, both PC and Mobile versions have been updated. You can read more about this in detail over here.
If you have a Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3 or Surface 3; this update will add ‘Living Images’ for you – this feature was introduced by Nokia in their Lumia devices back in the day, but now Microsoft is integrating it into the Camera app.

Windows Subsystem for Linux – WSL is getting two major updates; you can read more about these here, or check out the WSL Blog, WSL MSDN, and WSL Release Notes.

Minor Fixes & Improvements
Known Issues

For Mobile

Mobile isn’t getting a lot of new features, so the list is pretty short here. A few users are also reporting that they are unable to upgrade to this build, more about that under Known Issues. Here’s what’s new:

Camera revamp – The camera app has gone through a revamp, both PC and Mobile versions have been updated. You can read more about this in detail over here.
Mobile is getting the bigger part of this update obviously, including some significant performance improvements.

Windows 10 Mobile Camera App
Minor Fixes & Improvements
Known Issues

That’s it, folks

That’s all for this Insider Fast Ring update. As always, as an Insider, you are expected to provide your valuable feedback so bugs can be squashed before they creep into slower releases.

If you can’t submit feedback via the Feedback Hub due to the known issue in this update, you can still send your feedback via the Microsoft forums.

You can read more about this update at Microsoft’s blog if you think this post wasn’t enough.