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Windows 10 Insider Preview 14931 comes with dark mode for Feedback Hub, SMS from Skype and more

There is a new Windows 10 Insider build out for the Insiders – and while there aren’t many new things to see for Windows 10, the build does include some nice updates to some of the apps.

As always, if you are on the old build – simply browse to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and update to the latest build. Let’s just get straight to what the new Preview Build 14931 has to offer.

Dark Mode in the Maps app

Feedback Hub

The Feedback Hub is one of the core apps on Windows 10 – not only for Insiders but also for the stable release of Windows 10. With the new build, the Feedback Hub now has a Dark Mode – which can be set from the settings of the app itself.

You can now also see the original feedback author in the feedback details.

SMS via Skype

The new Skype Preview app on Windows 10 now lets you send and receive SMS & MMS messages. You do need to be running Windows 10 Mobile Insider with the latest Skype Preview as well – so the barrier to entry is quite high.

This is a significant feature; it was supposed to be baked into Windows itself originally. But it ended up as a Skype feature. Hopefully, this means it can also be integrated with Android. iOS might be the harder to work in.


The Maps app also received a version bump – it now has a Dark Mode as well, but it will follow your system settings for theme preference, rather than having its own setting for it.

The app also lets you check traffic conditions by clicking the new traffic icon in the top bar. You also have a look at live feeds from traffic cameras – as long as Microsoft can give you one.

And more

There are a few more things in the new Insider build – it now comes with native support for USB 2.0 Audio devices.

The Calculator, Alarms & Clock, and Voice Recorder apps no longer break after you upgrade to a new Insider build as well.

For all of the details, plus the list of known issues – follow this link to the Windows Blog.

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