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Windows 10 Insider Fast Ring Build 14971 adds EPUB support in Edge, Paint 3D Preview, and more

by Vishal Laul


Windows 10 Insider’s on the Slow Ring got Build 14965 yesterday; today, the Fast Ring is also getting an update.

Interestingly, this build is only releasing for Windows 10 PC’s; perhaps mobile will get an update in a few days – or we might have to wait for the next week’s update.

Since this update is only for the PC, we don’t have to split the sections – here’s what’s new.

EPUB in Microsoft Edge – Microsoft has been slowly turning Edge into something you would want to use – extensions were added with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and the company has been quite aggressive with its promotion (especially against Google’s Chrome).

This update adds an interesting feature to Edge – the ability to open unprotected EPUB files. Once you update to this build, you will be able to open any unprotected EPUB file with Microsoft Edge – you can find these EPUB files for books from various resources such as Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, ePubBooks, OpenLibrary, and Free eBooks.

Microsoft Edge ePUB reader for eBooks

Microsoft spared no expense implementing this feature – Edge can essentially perform many of the functions an eBook reader does.

You can choose between three different themes: light, sepia, and dark; you can also change the font and text size at any point, and add bookmarks to your eBooks.

For navigation, there’s a table of contents, and a seek bar at the bottom. You can also search for phrases and words throughout the book, and use Cortana to find out the meaning of a few forgettable words.

Paint 3D Preview – Though the Paint 3D app was leaked a while before Microsoft revealed it; the Paint 3D app will be included with the upcoming Creators Update. For the Insiders on Fast Ring, the Paint 3D app is now available as a preview – and starting from this build, it will be included with every update.

For now, the Paint 3D app is only available in English – if you have any other language pack selected, the Paint 3D app will still be in English, ignoring the operating system’s language preferences. Support for additional languages will come soon.

Paint 3D Preview

Remix 3D in more countries – Remix 3D is Paint 3D’s community counterpart – people can share the 3D models they create, and others can download said models to use in their creative endeavors. It’s a social network for creativity, if you may.

Along with this update, Remix 3D is now available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland for Windows Insiders. The language – just like Paint 3D – is limited to English, for now.

Remix 3D is available at and within the Paint 3D app as well.


HoloShell is in – Microsoft announced the Holographic Shell a while ago – it will be included with the Windows 10 Creators Update; for this build, the team is including a “Windows Holographic First Run app.” Insiders will be able to launch and go through the first few screens of this app, for now.

It won’t be able to detect any hardware; the work is underway not only at Microsoft but also its partners to bring affordable VR for the masses.

PowerShell takes over – PowerShell has been around for a decade – in fact, this week it celebrates its 10th anniversary – but it hasn’t really replaced the old and trusted Command Prompt.

Starting with this build, PowerShell takes the place of Command Prompt in File Explorer. The context menu that appears when you Shift + Right-click in File Explorer now has PowerShell, instead of Command Prompt.

The Win-key + X menu built for power users also shows PowerShell, instead of Command Prompt. This change can upset a lot of people – and Microsoft knows that.

You can choose to opt-out of this change, by browsing to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar and turning the option to replace Command Prompt to PowerShell off.

Get Office – The Get Office app has been the cause of general annoyance for users on production Windows 10 – it often asks users to check out Office 365, much like an advertisement.

Though, it looks like that behavior is going to change; the Get Office app is a mere collection of links to get you informed about Office – but with this build, the app is updating to version 17.7614.2377.0, which turns the app into more of an Office hub, than a resource.

The new app will show all the Office apps installed on your PC, along with any recent documents you have been working on. You still get all the information and links you used to, but now it’s more useful for those who already use Office.

Minor Fixes & Improvements
Known Issues

That’s it, Folks!

This update adds quite a few things to Windows 10 – but it’s far from done. The fact that this update isn’t releasing for Windows 10 Mobile is not of much concern – the development is simply focusing on the Creators Update.

You can read more about this update on Microsoft’s blog, and as always – as an Insider, you are supposed to submit all your feedback and suggestions to Microsoft so that the next Build can be even better. We can clearly see some of the impact Insider Feedback have had in this build.