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Skype now works without signing in or creating an account

by Vishal Laul


It can sometimes be a logistical nightmare to introduce someone not very tech-savvy to online services such as Skype; creating an account – while not very difficult – can be a challenge, if you are not there to help them in person.

Microsoft announced a new feature for exactly this audience today – Skype can now be used without the need for an account. You can just enter your name as a guest, and invite people for a chat. For now, the feature only works on Skype for Web – this does rid you of the need to download Skype’s clients.

Skype for Web

Skype for Web was launched in the June of 2015 as a beta; most of the features users have come to expect from Skype such as voice calling were missing from it – an omission soon rectified.

Today, Skype for Web supports voice and video calling, group messaging, one-to-one messaging, and even file and screen sharing.

The Guest

A guest account is still – in theory – an account; you just need less information to create it. It is, however, an account with an expiry date, as it will be destroyed after 24 hours of its creation. Here’s how you start a guest session:

The people who click that link can join via their Skype account, or as a guest – an account is not required on either side of the conversation.

Skype is also allowing up to 300 people to join a conversation with that one link, but remember – it will expire after 24 hours.

You can read more about the announcment on Skype’s official blog.