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Eve reveals the specs for their Surface Pro competitor, goes on sale on 21st

by Vishal Laul


Eve-Tech is an interesting manufacturer – the Finnish company has only ever sold products via crowdsourcing the funding for them – but it’s more than that.

Eve-Tech isn’t just crowd-funding their projects – they are crowd-sourcing everything; the people who put money into Eve-Tech’s idea get to pick and choose what specifications these devices will have – it’s essentially a product developed by the crowd. Eve-Tech is democratizing the process of building a hardware product.

Eve-Tech has received an unspecified amount of funding from Intel as well – so it’s not just the people who are interested in this idea. Intel is also providing engineering support to the team at Eve-Tech.

The Eve V
The Products

Eve-Tech announced the Eve V a while back – today, they have finally announced the specifications it would be releasing with.

The Eve V is split into three models – the specifications for each are identical, except for the CPU, RAM, and Storage. Here’re the three models, followed by the full specifications.

Eve V m3″:
Eve V i5″

Eve V i7″

The rest of specifications

Eve-Tech also built its own wireless keyboard that will be bundled with every Eve V device – these include a trackpad with 57x87mm of area to play with, are completely wireless, and have fully adjustable backlight as well.

The Eve V Keyboard

The touchscreen display also has full support for Microsoft’s Surface Pen, so hopefully the Surface Dial will also work with it.

Eve-Tech is also working on an LTE model for the device, which might include a GPS module as well – that’s not decided just yet, as the community and the team at Eve-Tech are still working on it.


Eve-Tech plans on selling the Eve V via an Indiegogo campaign – initially, they are only going to build and ship 500 units, but these will be shipped internationally.

The Indiegogo pre-order campaign starts from 21st of November at 4 PM GMT. The model on Indiegogo is WiFi-only, and the people who fund the project, aren’t paying for the development of the device, but only the manufacturing.

The limited supply of 500 units could be an issue – hopefully, all the folks from the Eve-Tech community who contributed to making this device a reality will be able to get their hands on the device.

The most important bit: the price, is yet to be revealed – but it’s probably going to be on the high-side, considering the high-end specifications.

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