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Kingston and Sandisk reveal high capacity flash drives at CES

With consumer grade hard drives and solid state drives increasing in capacity so much; it’s about time we get some high capacity flash drives to go with our storage devices. Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT First, let us take a look at the Kingston camp’s DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte flash drive. …

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5 Best and affordable gaming PC under $500

Gaming on PC is bliss. With so many console users making the transition to PC, the platform is now turning stronger than it ever was. Having a gaming PC has its own advantages. Not only can you use the extra power in day to day tasks, but you can also …

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How to Fix ‘Err_Connection_Closed’ in Chrome

Chrome is without a doubt the most used Internet browser across the globe. People use it across all platforms be it Windows, Android or even Mac. However, more than often we find ourselves facing some problems with Chrome, particularly with Internet connectivity. Chrome often displays these “Errors” on the screen and …

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Xbox One S vs Xbox One: What’s the difference?

Microsoft’s Xbox One S was announced at the E3 this year, just a few weeks ago. This new console from Microsoft will be replacing the Xbox One, and it brings some great potential to console gaming. The users can expect a better performance despite the fact that it is smaller …

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